Also known as meatballs, hunde are small balls made of minced chicken along with garam masala powders. It is then mildly fried and added to the gravy which prepared with Saoji Masalas along with coconut paste and onion. Known for its spicy flavours, this meatball curry goes very well with Chapatis. Home-chef Praffulata will be serving this meal with 3 Chapatis.

Key information:
Prepared by: Homechef Praffulata
City: Mumbai
Cuisine: Saoji
Meal date: Wednesday, 2 December
Available for: Lunch as well as Dinner
Homechef location: Jay Prakash Nagar, Goregaon East
Options: Delivery as well as Takeaway (available for pickup)

Taste and dish profile:
#ExtraHot #ThickGravy #Spicy #Nonvegetarian

Please consume the meal immediately

Saoji Chicken Hunde (Meatballs) with Rotis (x3)

Lunch or Dinner

Chicken Hunde (Meatballs): Remove the entire portion of Chicken Hunde (Meatballs) from the container and heat in a deep pan on the stove till hot – if heating in a microwave, remove the Chicken Hunde (Meatballs) in a microwaveable container and heat for 30-40 seconds
Chapatis: Re-heat the chapatis on a tawa for 15 seconds on both sides



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