Saoji Chicken is a hot & spicy traditional Hubli Saoji dish. Marinated in homemade Saoji Masalas & coconut paste, chicken is perfectly cooked. This gravy is red in color and medium thick base. Home-chef Praffulata will be serving this meal with 3 Chapatis.

Key information:
Prepared by: Homechef Praffulata
City: Mumbai
Cuisine: Saoji
Meal date: Friday, 4 December 
Available for: Lunch as well as Dinner
Homechef location: Jay Prakash Nagar, Goregaon East
Options: Delivery as well as Takeaway (available for pickup)

Taste and dish profile:
#ExtraHot #MediumThickGravy #Spicy #Nonvegetarian

Please consume the meal immediately

Saoji Chicken Gravy + Rotis (x3)

Lunch or Dinner

Saoji Chicken Gravy: Remove the entire portion from the container and heat in a deep pan on the stove till hot – if heating in a microwave, remove in a microwaveable container and heat for 30-40 seconds
Chapatis: Re-heat the chapatis on a tawa for 15 seconds on both sides



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