A traditional dish from the royal land of Rajasthan, Gatta Rice is also known as Ram khichdi or Gatte ki Khichdi. Made with chickpeas flour dumplings called gatta and rice cooked with a lot of aromatic spices is served with Kadhi, a spicy yogurt curry usually made in every Rajasthani household. Enjoy this authentic meal from Rajasthan prepared by home-chef Babita. 

Key information:

Prepared by: Homechef Babita
City: Mumbai
Cuisine: Rajasthani
Meal date: Wednesday, 2 December 
Available for: Lunch
Homechef location: Dr E Moses Road, Worli Naka
Options: Delivery as well as Takeaway (available for pickup)


Please consume the meal immediately.

Rajasthani Gatta Rice with Kadhi


Gatta Rice and Kadhi: Remove the entire portion of Gatta Rice and Kadhi in separate containers and heat in a deep pan on the stove till hot – if heating in a microwave, remove it in a microwaveable container and heat for 30-40 seconds



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