Frequently asked questions


How do I register to be a home-chef on Authenticook Delivery?

Just send us an email on with the subject line "Homechef enquiry - [Mention Your Name]". Kindly provide the following details:
1. Your full name
2. Mobile number
3. Cuisine(s) cooked by you
4. Your city and neighbourhood
5. 3 of your signature dishes
Post sending this email, someone from the team will reach out to you to take the process forward.

What is the process to start serving meals on Authenticook Delivery?

Ours is a very straightforward and simple process which involves the following:
Step 1: Send us an email as mentioned above
Step 2: An Authenticook Delivery representative will reach out to you to get some additional information
Step 3: We will conduct a tasting session wherein you would be requested to send us some of your signature dishes for a trial
Step 4: On completion of a successful trial, you will be on-boarded onto Authenticook Delivery as a home-chef

How does Authenticook Delivery help me out in building my own entrepreneurial venture in food?

At Authenticook Delivery, it is our mission to open up home kitchens for the world to savour and celebrate India's rich culinary diversity. To achieve this end, we team up with home-chefs, wherein we provide the marketing, logistical and order taking infrastructure; while the home-chefs focus on whipping up their meal dishes for foodies to try out.

Does Authenticook Delivery charge me any commissions or fees for its services?

We charge a 15% commission on the price quoted by you for each meal. This is charged so that we can provide you with the best backend support to help you build your own food venture, where all you need to focus on is the cooking itself and not the ancillary functions of marketing, logistics and payment collections.

I don't want to be tied down to providing meals everyday on Authenticook Delivery; is that okay?

Yes of course it is okay. That is the beauty of partnering with us. This model has been built keeping your convenience in mind. The flexibility is limitless; you decide:
1. Which days you want to cook
2. What dishes you want to cook 3. How many meals you want to cook on a single day 4. Whether you want to provide lunch or dinner or both 5. Whether you want to provide meals for 1 person or for 2 as well 6. Your price!!

How do I determine pricing for my meals?

While the prerogative to determine and fix pricing of meals sits completely with the home-chef, we are always available to guide you on pricing. Just reach out to us and we will be happy to help.


How do I order my meals on Authenticook Delivery?

We have tried to make your decision making as hassle free as possible. You can check out all our meals on the website by first choosing the city in which you reside. Once done, you can find your preferred meals by filtering by: 1. Day; and/or
2. Veg / Non-Veg / Egg meals; and/or 3. Lunch / Dinner You get all relevant information about the meal by clicking on it and arriving at the meal page. If you find any of these meals interesting, you can just select the quantity you would like to order and add to cart or place your order. To complete your order, you need to make the payment on the payment gateway attached to the website.

When will I get my meals delivered?

Your meals will be delivered to you on the date for which you have order as per below: Lunch - between 11 AM to 1.30 PM Dinner - between 6 PM to 8.30 PM In case you are doing a takeaway, we will inform you beforehand on time of pick-up; but usually it will be between 11 AM and 1 PM.

How do I know the food provided by the home-chef is safe?

Each of the home-chefs who are providing meals on Authenticook Delivery have had a tasting session conducted by us, wherein someone from our side has tasted their food (not necessarily the meal you have ordered). Also, kindly note that whatever the home-chef cooks for you would be had by their family as well and hence only the best will be served. With all the precautions that the home-chefs will be taking at their end, we still urge you to kindly heat up the food before consuming and also throw away all the packaging immediately on getting it home.

How do the delivery charges work?

We have a fixed delivery charge of Rs. 100 per order. However, the delivery charges are constant at Rs. 100 irrespective of the number of meals you order in a single order i.e. you can order meals for 5 different days in one order and only be charged Rs. 100 for the entire order.

Can I also place a bulk order (not single portion meals)?

Yes you can. Just contact us through the Contact Us form on the website and let us know what you are looking for and we will provide you with options for the same.

What's so special about Authenticook Delivery?

At Authenticook Delivery, it is our aim to promote India's regional food diversity by teaming up with amazing home-chefs who are experts in their regional cusines. As of today we have home-chefs representing and cooking more than 50 regional cuisines of India. We are adding them all on to our Delivery platform in stages. All of our meals are homecooked and freshly prepared, making them healthy and safe. These meals are single portion meals but you may also find some options of 'Meals for 2' which may be provided by particular home-chefs. Each of our home-chefs is verified by us, meaning we have tasted their food (not necessarily all the meals served by them) before getting their meals listed on our website.

Do you consider yourself a foodie and are looking to experience India's regional food diversity? Or are you a home-chef looking to start your own food venture? Either ways, if you have a query related to the above, which hasn't been answered by our FAQs, just give us a shout out via the Contact Us form on the website or by email or call.