Authenticook - The What, Why and How...

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Authenticook has been started with the simple aim of enabling foodies to experience India's amazing food diversity, by opening up home-kitchens of verified home-chefs. We do this by connecting foodies with home-chefs by listing their menus on our website. 

Our focus is on providing authentic, healthy, homemade food cooked by home-chefs who excel at their regional cuisines.

Our Journey:
The beginning: We started off as a food experiences platform, enabling people to better understand cultures through immersive and interactive social dining experiences hosted by home-chefs at their homes. 

The pivot: The emergence of Covid-19 has led to various restrictions in the way we offer our services. Given the very social nature of our experiences model, we have taken a conscious call to place the safety and well-being of our stakeholders; our home-chefs and foodies, as a priority. With that in mind, we have currently paused all our social dining experiences. But that doesn't mean, awesome homemade food needs to be inaccessible. And hence we have now introduced the Delivery and Takeaway model. 


Delivery and Takeaway: With this model, foodies can continue enjoying the regional cuisines of India, still cooked at the homes kitchens of home-chefs; and home-chefs can continue on their journey of entrepreneurship.

Does this mean the end of the food experiences segment: Of course not!! We still believe that bringing people together over food is the best way to bring about celebration of cultures and diversity. Food experiences is in the Authenticook DNA and it makes us what we are today. So we wait patiently, but 'The Experiences Will Be Back!!'.

Supported by:

On the back of our food experiences segment, we were supported by as a part of their social impact accelerator; on the back of the positive impact we are having by enabling people to accept and respect our cultural diversity as well as bringing about women empowerment by helping women homemakers to take their first steps towards setting up their micro-entrepreneurial ventures through food.